The French kitchen

The gastronomy in the Lot is excellent and very diverse.

The dishes

Lovers of the well-known Foie Gras can eat their hart out here. Duck, le Canard, is a regional speciality with dishes like Gésiers, le Confit and le Magrèt de Canard.
The goat cheese, le Cabécou, can be found in all kind of salads and other different dishes.


Salade Gourmande


Salade de gésiers

Magret de Canard

Magret de Canard


Salade de Cabécou











These delicacies will be found on almost every menu.

The wines


The ‘Vin Noir’, the black wine is the pride of the Lot. West of Cahors, in the Lot valley, this fine full wine is produced with love and care. Wine tasting is possible at several wine castles in the many vineyards in the region.

You will await a warm welcome.

In the open air restaurant facing La Sainte, every Friday night is Moules-Frites night, mussels with fries. Lovely cooking and very cosy, we really recommend it.

Nearby Frayssinet-le-Gélat are several good restaurants to be found. Some also English spoken.